During the course of my research for the Rebels and Brothers series, I took thousands of photos. These are to remind me about the physical features of the various locations for each scene. Of course, they represent only what the setting is like now in the 21st century and I must carry out further research to find out what has changed over the 600 years or so since the events took place!

Here is a selection of images from my research archive which might be of interest to readers.


Bolton Castle in Wensleydale which I used as a model for the fictional Yoredale Castle in the Rebels and Brothers series

Rebels and Brothers, Middleham Castle, Yorkshire

Middleham Castle in Yorkshire - if only we could see it at its best!


Mucklestone Church close to the site of the Battle of Blore Heath in September 1459

Stokesay Castle, near Ludlow

Stokesay Castle, near Ludlow, was the model I used for the fictional Corve Manor.

Ludford Bridge, Ludlow

Ludford Bridge, Ludlow. The Yorkists retreated across it in 1459


Cock Beck where the rout at the Battle of Towton took place

Bolton Castle

The courtyard of Bolton Castle from Rebels and Brothers

North East Tower of Middleham Castle

North East Tower of Middleham Castle in Yorkshire. The north gate used in The Last Shroud was added sometime in the fifteenth century.

Aysgarth, Falls

Aysgarth Falls in Wensleydale which feature in Feud and several other books in the Rebels and Brothers series

St Thomas's Chapel, Ludlow

St Thomas's Chapel in Ludlow which has some significance in Feud

Valle Crucis

The East Range at Valle Crucis Abbey in North Wales


Bull, Ludlow

The Bull Inn at Ludlow which features most notably in Scars From the Past

Rebels and Brothers, Ludlow Castle

The Prince's chambers at Ludlow Castle where Prince Edward lived

Scars From the Past, Bull Ring, Ludlow, Shropshire

The Bull Ring in Ludlow. It doesn't look like it now, but in medieval times it would have been thronged by people, wagons and animals - cattle pens would have been nearby - and if you walked along it, there would be no chance of keeping your boots clean! Here, John Elder makes a reluctant return to Ludlow in Scars From the Past.


The remaining traces of the Old Gate in Ludlow

Ludlow Castle,

The west wall of the Prince's Apartments at Ludlow Castle.


Sallyport at Ludlow Castle used by Prince Edward


Bishop of Winchester's Palace

The remains of the Bishop of Winchester's palace on London's south bank

Rebels and Brothers, Garden Tower, Bloody Tower, London

Inside the Garden Tower, as it was known in the 15th century. It is very unlikely the 'Princes' were killed there in 1483, despite the name later given to it: the 'Bloody Tower'

The Wakefield Tower, Tower of London

The Wakefield Tower and the bridge to St Thomas's Tower with the water gate beneath

Traitor's Gate

This water gate at the Tower of London - later called Traitor's Gate

St Helen's Church, Bishopsgate, London

St Helen's Church, Bishopsgate in London - adjacent to Richard of Gloucester's Crosby Place

The Crossbones Graveyard in Southwark London

The Crossbones Graveyard in Southwark


Cerne Abbey

The Guest House at Cerne Abbey in Dorset where Margaret of Anjou is said to have stayed the night in 1471 used in The Last Shroud

St Nicholas Chapel

St Nicholas Chapel at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire. It has many echoes of the 15th Century.

Ightham Mote

Ightham Mote in Kent. I was researching ideas for Caversham Manor for which no records remain.

Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle was another place I used for ideas for Caversham Manor, though it is later, being 14th Century


Edgecote Hill where a battle was fought in 1469 and is described at the start of The Last Shroud

Corfham Castle

And this is the site I chose for it - the lost castle of Corfham, in the Corve Valley

Edward V, Ludlow

Edward V in St Laurence's Church, Ludlow