Feud Audio Book

Now available! 

The audio book of Feud is out now on Amazon, Audible & iTunes

Feud is narrated by the fabulous Mike Rogers - how he does so many different voices I've no idea!

Listen to an audio sample here. 

Read a review of the audio book here

The Blood of Princes

Book 2 of The Craft of Kings series, The Blood of Princes, is out now in paperback and ebook. FIND IT ON NET GALLEY 

When twelve-year-old Edward V inherits the throne, the kingdom is plunged into crisis,  so his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, takes the reins of power. But is Gloucester the king’s saviour, or his enemy? 

"A masterpiece of adventure and intrigue."  Read the full review here.

Scars from the Past

The Elder family returns in Scars From The Past, book one of a new Wars of the Roses series. What can the next generation of the Elders do when trouble strikes very close to home?

"Derek Birks has taken his usual high standard of storytelling to a whole new level. Scars From the Past is impossible to put down... I defy you to enjoy this book and not want to go back to Feud, where it all started." ​The Review

Rebels & Brothers: The Complete Series

Rebels & Brothers: The Complete Series is out on Amazon. 

Books 1-4 tell the whole story of the Elders' struggle for survival during 1459-71.

The digital boxed set is a considerable saving on the cost of all 4 books!

Amazon.com: Rebels-Brothers-Complete-ebook     

Amazon.co.uk: Rebels-Brothers-Complete-ebook


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