Hi, Dodging Arrows Podcasts are a new feature on the website.

They will focus not only on history generally but on specific aspects of my period: the fifteenth century. My very first podcast focused on the question: Where does history come from? 

have also started a series of podcasts on the subject of the Wars of the Roses. The series begins with an overview and covers aspects of the origins and nature of the Wars as well as looking closely at the major personalities involved. This will, I hope, give readers some background knowledge to the turbulent period in which my historical fiction stories are set. 

You can also make comments on the podcasts - please be kind!

The podcasts are hosted on Soundcloud and the music extract, "Never Tell Me The Odds", is composed by Johannes Bornlöf  and is licensed for use by courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com

You should also be able to access them on iTunes if you search for Wars of the Roses Podcasts or Dodging Arrows.